The Darlington Declaration: I Choose Green Energy

Please lend your voice to those who support a green energy future. Please endorse the Darlington Declaration and share with your friends.


Because we want a future built on 100% renewable energy, we oppose the plan to build new reactors and rebuild old ones at the Darlington nuclear station.

Spending billions of dollars on reactors at Darlington today will rob future generations of the choice to have an energy system built on 100% renewable energy.

It will increase the risk of a Fukushima or Chernobyl scale accident, and the potential for terrorist attacks that have the potential to cause irreversible harm for generations to come.

It will create radioactive wastes that must be isolated from the environment for millions of years.

Ontario made a decision to build reactors at Darlington in the 1970s. Today, the legacy of that decision is a stockpile of radioactive wastes and a multi-billion dollar debt that each of us pays for as part of our electricity bill every month.

The affordable green technologies already exist to make Ontario’s electricity supply 100% renewable, but every dollar we spend on nuclear power today robs green energy of the chance to grow.

We have to choose: green energy or nuclear. We choose green energy.

We oppose Darlington.