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December 20, 2013

2013 Thank You Message from Stop Darlington

  • Stop Darlington Team

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To download the report, click here: Renewable is Doable_Affordable and flexible options for Ontario’s long term energy plan

Investing in green energy is more affordable than spending more money on nuclear power. That’s the conclusion of a new analysis published by Greenpeace and the Pembina Institute.

The report comes at an important time. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne wants to rewrite Ontario’s long term electricity plan. The current plan, written by her predecessor Dalton McGuinty, instructs Ontario’s electricity planners to buy 50% of the province’s electricity from reactor operators.

That commits us to buying nuclear energy first, regardless of the cost or environmental risks.

It also limits the use of renewable energy and energy conservation because it tells Ontario’s electricity planners: stop conservation programs and buying renewable power.

Our report, Renewable is Doable: Affordable and flexible options for Ontario’s long term energy plan, shows that this ‘nuclear…

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The Ontario government is currently reviewing its Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) directive. This political directive is important because it determines the structure of Ontario’s electricity system until 2030. It determines whether your home will be powered by clean and affordable renewable energy or dirty nuclear and fossil generation.

The LTEP directive instructs Ontario’s electricity planning agency system what sources of electricity generation it must procure. Otherwise put, it is this directive that determines whether we’ll keep the current nuclear based electricity system or shift to a more sustainable, climate-friendly electricity system built on renewable energy.

The current political directive is a barrier to sustainable energy because: it puts “nuclear first” and requires nuclear power supply 50% of Ontario’s electricity until 2030; and, it makes no requirement for reactor operators to demonstrate keeping Ontario’s nuclear fleet at 50% is cost effective.

As a result renewable energy and conservation…

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In light of the Ministry of Energy’s current review of its Long-term Energy Plan, 21 more green energy developers – Bendygo Inc., EcoGen Energy Inc., Hayter Renewable Energy, Solar Logix, Centrosolar Canada, s2e Technologies, EcoDomus Consulting, Blackline Power, Dynamic Solar Tech,  Green Sun Rising, DBMS Energy Solutions, Living Sol ~ Building and Design, Solera Energies, Solacity Inc., Bur Oak Resources, Bullfrog Power, Forestwood Solar, Sentinel Solar, TREC Renewable Energy Cooperative, TREC SolarShare, and Solsmart Energy Solutions - have endorsed the Darlington Declaration.

The current updated list can be read HERE.

If your company would like to endorse the Darlington Declaration, please let us know at

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The Ontario government has launched an extensive review of the newest version of its Long-Term Energy Plan.

From now through September 9, the government is welcoming feedback, and the Ministry of Energy is consulting with the general public and energy stakeholders across the province.

Please consider providing feedback to the Ministry of Energy and help us promote the need for renewable energies and the importance of eliminating dangerous and expensive nuclear from the government’s energy strategy.

There are three ways to provide your comments and feedback:

  1. Take the Ministry’s online survey (click HERE);
  2. Provide a detailed formal submission through the Environmental Registry (click HERE);
  3. Attend a public open forum in St. Catherine’s, London, Windsor, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Barrie, or Ottawa (dates, times and locations can be found HERE).

If you have any questions feel free to email

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