Who We Are


Civil society organizations that believe Ontario should take every opportunity to move towards an energy system built on 100% renewable energy. The Ontario government’s current plan to spend billions building new reactors and rebuilding the existing reactors at Darlington nuclear station takes us off the path toward a green energy future.

Supporting organizations include:

– Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (CCNR)
– Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)
– Mouvement Sorton le Quebec du Nucleaire -> A Quebec based network of organizations and activists raising awareness on the environmental and economic hazards of nuclear power.
– SAGE –> Safe and Green Energy
– Northwatch -> A regional coalition of environmental and citizen organizations and individual members in northeastern Ontario. Nortwatch is concerned that radioactive waste produced at the Darlington nuclear station will be imposed on Northern Ontario.
– Lake Ontario WaterKeeper -> A group working to restore and protect Lake Ontario’s natural resources, as well as contribute to its aesthetic, social recreational and economic values. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper has been researching the impact of the Darlington nuclear station on Lake Ontario.
– Greenpeace